Reassessment of the geology of the southeastern Tapajós Gold Province, Amazonian Craton, Brazil, based on field, petrographic, and airborne geophysical data

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Stella Bijos Guimarães
Evandro Luiz Klein
Raphael Teixeira Correa


The Tapajós Gold Province, central portion of the Amazonian Craton, is one of the main metallogenic provinces in Brazil, but lack geological studies at an appropriate scale in its southeastern portion. Fieldwork, petrography, and high-resolution airborne geophysics (magnetometry and gamma spectrometry) allowed us to produce a new map at the 1:100,000 scale. In this study, we identified two new geological units: (1) the volcanic and pyroclastic rocks of the Vila Riozinho Formation, previously attributed to the Iriri Group, including a newly described facies of this formation, which comprises a group of rocks with the highest magnetic contents of the study area, and (2) the Serra Alkali Feldspar Granite, which intruded into the Vila Riozinho Formation. Based on available geochronological information these units can be associated to a volcano-plutonic event that occurred in the Orosirian period, at about 1.98 Ga. In addition, our work allowed us to define better the areas of occurrence of other units. The Parauari Intrusive Suite and Iriri Group areas were strongly reduced, whereas the areas of the Creporizão Intrusive Suite and of the Novo Progresso Formation were increased.

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Guimarães, Stella Bijos, Evandro Luiz Klein, and Raphael Teixeira Correa. 2019. “Reassessment of the Geology of the Southeastern Tapajós Gold Province, Amazonian Craton, Brazil, Based on Field, Petrographic, and Airborne Geophysical Data”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 2 (1):1-16.
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