Jardim do Seridó Suite: first example of Ediacaran peraluminous magmatism in the Rio Piranhas-Seridó Domain, Borborema Province, Northeast Brazil

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Izaac Cabral Neto
Vladimir Cruz de Medeiros
Rogério Cavalcante
Priscila Rezende Fernandes
Francisco Valdir Silveira
Elton Luiz Dantas
Joseneusa Brilhante Rodrigues
Ioná Cunha
Vinicius J.C. Paes
Luana Duarte Santos
Ivana C.A. Pinho


Peraluminous granitoids were recently mapped in the Rio Piranhas-Seridó Domain, the northeastportion of the Borborema Province. These bodies occur as stock and intrusive dikes in the metapelites of the Seridó Formation, constituting the Jardim do Seridó Suite. This suite has two facies. The first and most expressive facies consists of a medium-grained and whitish leucocratic monzogranite with muscovite, garnet, and biotite, while the second is represented by fine-grained and greyish leucocratic granodiorites with biotite, cropping out mainly on the edges of the main body. The thermobarometric conditions for the crystallization of the monzogranites were estimated between 2-5 kbar and 690-950 ºC, whereas the lithochemical data indicate a syn-collisional peraluminous signature. Neoproterozoic garnet-biotite schist xenoliths of the Seridó Formation are sometimes observed partially assimilated in the main body (stock). A U-Pb zircon age of 592 ± 2 Ma obtained in the main body is considered as the crystallization age of the Jardim do Seridó Suite, corroborating the proposed existence of peraluminous magmas associated with the Brasiliano Orogenesis in the Rio Piranhas-Seridó Domain. The chemical and petrographic data identified this suite as fertile to that it can generate dikes of rare
elements-bearing pegmatites.

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Neto, Izaac Cabral, Vladimir Cruz de Medeiros, Rogério Cavalcante, Priscila Rezende Fernandes, Francisco Valdir Silveira, Elton Luiz Dantas, Joseneusa Brilhante Rodrigues, Ioná Cunha, Vinicius J.C. Paes, Luana Duarte Santos, and Ivana C.A. Pinho. 2019. “Jardim Do Seridó Suite: First Example of Ediacaran Peraluminous Magmatism in the Rio Piranhas-Seridó Domain, Borborema Province, Northeast Brazil”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 2 (2):119-36. https://doi.org/10.29396/jgsb.2019.v2.n2.3.
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