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Esteves Pedro Colnago


Presidential message

It is with great satisfaction that we have launched the first edition of our scientific journal, the Journal of the
Geological Survey of Brazil (JGSB), a periodical open to the collaboration of the geoscientific community, which
seeks to disseminate relevant contributions on the main areas of knowledge of the Earth Sciences.
I appreciate the editors’ commitment to making this initiative a reality. JGSB stimulates and broadens the scientific
dialogue, provides the exchange of experiences and the dissemination of the Brazilian scientific production
abroad. It is also important to thank the authors who contributed to our first edition.
We know that the Earth goes through processes of transformation and the Geosciences can and should contribute
so that we can understand these processes and seek the balance of man with his habitat.

Good reading. And until our next issue.

Esteves Pedro Colnago
President of CPRM-Geological Survey of Brazil

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