Classification of geo-mining heritage based on anthropogenic geomorphology

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Paulo de Tarso Castro
Stênio Nascimento
Suzana de Paula


Studies on mining heritage and geoheritage walk different paths. While the former is based on a more cultural bias, the latter has its bases and conceptions geared towards the natural. However, the concept of landscape, which merges the natural and the cultural, connects the two concepts of heritage, enabling the conception of mixed heritage, namely, geo-mining. Based on the principle that mining interventions on the natural landscape can result in outcrops of features and aspects of geodiversity relevant for the understanding of regional evolutionary history, this article analyzes geo-mining heritage based on concepts of anthropogenic geomorphology. A geo-mining classification with three types is proposed based on the intensity and extent of anthropic alterations on the geoforms.

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Castro, Paulo de Tarso, Stênio Toledo Nascimento, and Suzana Fernandes de Paula. 2021. “Classification of Geo-Mining Heritage Based on Anthropogenic Geomorphology”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 4 (SI1).
Special Issue - Geoconservation

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