The geological heritage of the state of São Paulo: potential geosites as a contribution to the Brazilian national inventory

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Ligia Maria de Almeida Leite Ribeiro
Maria da Glória Motta Garcia
Karina Kawai Higa


Having a national geoheritage inventory is essential to plan effective geoconservation strategies. Since 2017, the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) has been carrying out a project aimed at the Inventory of the Brazilian Geological Heritage and defined state coordinations to propose indicative lists of potential geosites based mainly on the scientific value (SV) according to the GEOSSIT platform. For the state of São Paulo, which was the first in Brazil to have a systematic geoheritage inventory, with 137 geosites already defined, this study intends to analyze them to propose some criteria to select the ones to compound the national list. Fifty-seven geosites were chosen according to both SV (≥ 300, following the requirements of GEOSSIT) and representativeness within each geological framework (when SV < 300). We also evaluated the selected geosites in other national initiatives, such as SIGEP (nine geosites) and the Geoparks Project (five geosites). The GEOSSIT public lists show only three of the 57 geosites already registered, a low number considering that these registrations are relevant indicators for the national inventory. The geosites were also analyzed according to the main thematic classification (eight main thematic categories, with a large number in the petrology theme - 35.10%) and general geological context (73.70% in the Mantiqueira, Paraná, and Tocantins provinces and 26.30% in Emerged Phanerozoic Basins - Paraná, Bauru, and São Paulo), according to the parameters available on GEOSSIT. The sites were also evaluated according to typology, being 33 points, 22 areas, and two sections. Regarding the statutory setting, 30% are in fully protected areas, 36% in public or private areas with non-effective statutory protection (APAs, marine land, paleontological sites, etc.), and 34% comprise public or private areas with no protection.

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de Almeida Leite Ribeiro, Ligia Maria, Maria da Glória Motta Garcia, and Karina Kawai Higa. 2021. “The Geological Heritage of the State of São Paulo: Potential Geosites As a Contribution to the Brazilian National Inventory”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 4 (SI1).
Special Issue - Geoconservation
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Maria da Glória Motta Garcia, USP - Universidade de São Paulo.

Possui graduação em Geologia pela Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, mestrado e doutorado em Geoquímica e Geotectônica pelo Instituto de Geociências da Universidade de São Paulo. Foi professora visitante da Universidade Federal do Ceará, atuando nas áreas de Geologia Estrutural e Regional. Atualmente é professora associada da Universidade de São Paulo e livre-docente na área de Geoconservação. Coordena o Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa em Patrimônio Geológico e Geoturismo (GeoHereditas), atuando em pesquisas em geoconservação voltadas a políticas públicas sustentáveis e áreas protegidas. Atualmente é coordenadora da Associação Brasileira de Defesa do Patrimônio Geológico e Mineiro (AGeoBR), gestão 2020-2022 e representante para a América do Sul do Grupo de Trabalho em Patrimônio Geológico da Comissão Mundial de Áreas Protegidas da IUCN.