Strategic diagnosis of geocommunication using SWOT analysis in the Varvite Geological Park, São Paulo, Brazil

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Andrea Cañizares
Christine Bourotte


The central concern for geodiversity conservation is the low perception of its importance and appreciation by society, as the individual rarely values ​​what he does not know. Thus, communication is essential to promote a better perception and comprehension by the public and, consequently, the conservation of geodiversity. Geosites are exceptional places to promote the communication of Geosciences because they allow public engagement through the enchantment provided, for example, by the story that can be told there. The Varvite Geological Park is a geosite of São Paulo state and is frequently used in formal education field activities pointing out its importance to geoscience knowledge dissemination. This municipal park brings important geodiversity elements that represent the late Paleozoic glaciation in southeastern Brazil, such as sedimentary structures, dropstones and ichnofossils. The development of a communication strategy requires an understanding of the Park's current situation. To this end, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of the Varvite Geological Park was carried out involving several stakeholders whose professional performance is related to the Park. This analysis resulted in a situational matrix with data organized in four quadrants that considered strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The results of the SWOT analysis pointed out a discontinuity in the existing communication actions and that an integrated and strategic approach is missing. Thus, the current communication gives to the visitor a fragmented view of Park's geological, historical and cultural context. Consequently, the potential to disseminate important geological concepts for public understanding and preservation is not fully explored.

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Cañizares, Andrea Duarte, and Christine Laure Marie Bourotte. 2021. “Strategic Diagnosis of Geocommunication Using SWOT Analysis in the Varvite Geological Park, São Paulo, Brazil”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 4 (SI1).
Special Issue - Geoconservation