The performance of the Geoparks Commission of the Brazilian Geology Society, from 2018 to 2020

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Marilda Santos-Pinto
Marcos Nascimento
Caiubi Emanuel Souza Kuhn
Gilson Guimarães
Antonio Dourado Rocha


This study presents the context of the creation and development of actions of the Geoparks Commission of the Brazilian Society of Geology (CG-SBG). For this, documentary research of the entity’s minutes and existing records in other media was carried out. The results show that the commission has positioned itself as a channel for institutional, political, and social mobilization relative to the topic of geoparks in Brazil, following the objectives established in the CG-SBG bylaws, namely: (a) awaken and conduct debates and reflections on geoparks within SBG; (b) share knowledge about the context and performance of geoparks with the national society, government institutions, and entities of common interest with this topic through publication in its most diverse media; (c) work to benefit the dissemination and implementation of geoparks in Brazil; (d) integrate representatives of the various proposals for geoparks in Brazil and; (e) propose institutional support to geoparks implementation projects in the national territory. In addition, many representatives of regional branches on the commission also form teams of aspirants and geopark projects, further facilitating the interaction between the proposals and the joint discussions. Among the actions carried out is the participation of the commission in several regional, national, and international events, the provision of information through a website, and the manifestation on issues related to geoparks, such as the need to create a National Geoparks Committee, as provided for by
UNESCO, in accordance with the statutes of the International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme and guidelines of the UNESCO Global Geoparks (IGGP/2015/ST), to monitor the development of projects and act jointly with UNESCO and aspiring geoparks. Thus, this study concludes that although the commission exists within the scope of a scientific society, it has carried out actions that contribute to the strengthening of the topic of geoparks in various segments of Brazilian society, from the municipalities to national policies.

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Santos-Pinto, Marilda, Marcos Nascimento, Caiubi Kuhn, Gilson Guimarães, and Antonio Rocha. 2021. “The Performance of the Geoparks Commission of the Brazilian Geology Society, from 2018 to 2020”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 4 (SI1).
Special Issue - Geoconservation